Investors who own stocks or who are thinking of buying stocks of major online Health sites are worried. They have lots of questions about FDA’s plans for regulating drug promotion on the Internet.

As we know, when FDA regulates, markets react. When FDA sent out those 14 NOV letters, for example, branded paid search engine marketing by pharma experienced a “Prompt, Precipitous, & Prolonged” Plummet (see here). That could have been just a coincidence; I have heard that Google is worried about an overall decline in paid search engine advertising.

Anyway, an Internet research team at a major regional brokerage and investment banking firm that provides investment advisory services to individual investors and professional money managers invited me to speak to some of their clients via conference call about the recent FDA public hearing on the Internet and its repercussions.

Obviously, they think I am some kind of pharma marketing genius! But little do they know that I stand on the shoulders of giants – you! Therefore, please help me answer their questions and I will be forever in your debt!

Please take a few minutes to provide your input on the questions posed to me by this group. I am not receiving any payment for this, so you needn’t worry about being cheated by giving me your insight gratis. As a thank you, however, you will be able to download the latest issue of Pharma Marketing News after you complete the survey.

But Hurry! I need your input before 10:30 AM, Thursday, December 17, 2009!

Your comments are confidential (anonymous) unless you specifically provide your contact information at the end of the survey and allow me to attribute comments to you personally.

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P.S. Here is a presentation of my PRELIMINARY answers to the questions: