Join me tomorrow, October 9, 2014, 12 noon Eastern U.S., for an hour-long TweetChat on how pharma can develop high quality mobile health apps. This is a followup to the debate I’ve been moderating on the LinkedIn Mobile Health Group (here) sponsored by the mHealth Competence Centre in Barcelona, Spain.

Whereas the LinkedIn debate frames this in a negative fashion (“what stands in the way…”), I prefer to frame the TweetChat more positively (“what’s needed…”) to have a more productive discussion.

The LInkedIn debate brought out more questions than answers. That debate helped me formulate the following questions/topics I hope to cover in the chat.

Some questions that we could discuss:

  1. Is the return on investment (ROI) of mHealth Apps too low or difficult to measure? What are the important key performance indicators (KPI’s) today? Which are most useful?
  2. How can pharma enhance its expertise for the development of mHealth Apps? Should it be in-house or outsourced? What about incubating and investing in mHealth start-ups? 
  3. Is traditional thinking stymying mHealth innovation within pharma? For example, is pharma’s traditional “sell the pill” business model incompatible with what the market (physicians and patients) want from mHealth Apps? 
  4. Are there pharma companies out there who have solved all these problems and developed, in your opinion, high quality mHealth Apps? Who are they and what are the apps?

Find my summary of the #mHealthPharma chat here.