Last week, I posted an open letter to Pfizer asking to be invited into the Chantix discussion “tent” (see “Dear Pfizer: Please invite me to your Chantix round-table media discussion“). So far, no response from Pfizer.

But I did not just make a snarky-serious blog post in my attempt to get into the tent. I called at least 3 people in Pfizer corporate communications department, including two calls to cell phones of 2 of them!

I also e-mailed about 4 “media” reporters at the Wall Street Journal and who wrote stories about Chantix and Pfizer’s intention to “reach out” to the media asking for help contacting the right person at Pfizer.

Finally, I hooked up with Francisco Gebauer at Pfizer who sent me an invitation!


  • Pfizer Roundtable Discussion
  • Pfizer will host a panel discussion to review the benefit-risk profile of Chantix


  • Joseph Feczko, Pfizer Chief Medical Officer
  • Sally Susman, Pfizer Chief Communications Officer
  • Gretchen Dieck, SVP Pfizer Safety and Risk Management
  • Ponni Subbiah, VP Pfizer Medical


  • Thursday, June 5, 2008 * 9:30 – 11:00 AM


  • Pfizer Headquarters * 235 East 42nd Street

I suppose I’ll have to dress up so as not to get delayed at Pfizer security!

More important, however, is what questions I ask them about Chantix? Here are a couple that come to mind:

  1. Will the current perceived safety problems of Chantix require some kind of innovative DTC advertising like that for Celebrex?
  2. How about a Chantix Blog similar to the alli blog? Is it time for Pfizer to engage patients in that kind of transparent discussion of the risks vs, benefits?

Kudos to any reader who provides me the most blogworthy question!

NOTE: If you are a media type also attending this roundtable, please don’t steal my questions for your own use! They are copyrighted!