Have you seen the premier issue of BioTech360 from the publishers of The Scientist? It was launched this week at BIO.

What I find notable about it, aside from its “sophisticated break-through design, and in-depth profiling of the people, culture and business in the biotech industry,” is that one of the people mentioned in the issue was yours truly!

Here’s what Yali Friedman, chief science officer at New Economy Stratgeies and author of Biotech Blog has to say about Pharma Marketing Blog:

“In many ways, the Pharma Marketing blog embodies what makes blogs worth reading. The site opens with an unapologetic disclaimer that the site contains blogger John Mack’s personal opinions. In his blog, Mack launches spirited attacks at questionable ethics in marketing and perceived lacks of oversight by industry organizations.” (See “The 5 Spot.”)

Thank you Yali. It’s good to see that great minds think alike. That is I notice that two of the other blogs in your “Top 5” — Drug Wonks and In the Pipeline — were also rated among the Top 5 blogs in the recent First Ever Pharma Blogosphere Reader Survey. You can find a summary of the survey here and find more in-depth results reported in the April issue of Pharma Marketing News (see “How Readable, Credible & Useful are Pharma Blogs?“).