PharmaStar, which is an Italian on-line newspaper devoted entirely to the world of medicine, recently published a story tiled “Roche Pharma Italia conquista premio internazionale per l’innovazione digital” (Roche Pharma Italy wins international award for digital innovation). The “coveted international award” PharmaStar is talking about is the 4th Annual Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award I presented to the Roche Digital Academy team on Oct 15, 2013 (read “Davide Bottalico and the Roche Digital Academy Team Receive the 4th Annual Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award!“).

PharmaStar TV also produced a video about the Roche Digital Academy. Here’s that video with English subtitles:

I used Google Translate to translate the PharmaStar article into English.

Roche Digital Academy, a project conceived and developed by Roche Pharma Italy, received the 4th Annual Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award, the coveted international award dedicated to the best digital innovations in the pharmaceutical field. The Digital Solutions Team Italian Roche received the award by the famous American blogger John Mack, better known in his digital identity as @Pharmaguy, who personally selected the winners using also advised by a team of experts involved through an online survey.

The award has a significant value at the international level since identifies and rewards the “pioneers” of digital technology in the pharmaceutical industry, namely the innovators who have been able to create and disseminate a culture in the company 2.0. “This year I intended to award the prize to those ‘pioneers’ committed [to] education and training of colleagues in the field of digital marketing,” said @Pharmaguy during the award ceremony took place in Philadelphia.

La Roche Digital Academy, which is the Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing Digital which involved more than 80 professional and 11 teachers from outside the company, it is therefore concluded that the best project 2013 in the digital environment of the pharmaceutical industry.

David Bottalico , Digital Lead at Roche Pharma Italy commented on the recognition : “Our goal is to further improve the digital culture of Roche in Italy and increase the adoption of innovative ways of dialogue with our stakeholders. It ‘was a challenging course, but with determination supported by senior management and pursued with enthusiasm by colleagues involved in the project. The recognition of “pioneers in the digital age” confirms Roche ‘s innovative approach, not only in science but also in the world of web 2.0. Having brought in Italy this prestigious recognition, so far awarded only to U.S. multinationals and never attributed to other subsidiaries of the Group, can only fill us with pride and encourage us to continue in this direction to continually improve.”

The project would not have been possible without the wealth of experience in Information Technology developed by Roche, as pointed out by Daniel Panigati , Informatics & Logistics Director at Roche Pharma Italy: “The international award-winning project is the result of a long process that began in company, and aims to develop a computer-based avant-garde than the pharmaceutical scenario – not only nationally, in which they could gradually integrate all the technological advancements needed to support colleagues in their daily activities, on-line and off-line. Having believed in this vision, was the prerequisite for the Digital Academy of Roche tangibly realized and offered their Italian colleagues a common base of digital skills and confidence required for any use of the tools of Web 2.0.”

One approach also recognized by experts CIONET Italy who recently awarded Roche Pharma Italy for their foresight with which he provided, colleagues working in the area, such as the iPAD single device, revolutionizing traditional working methods and tools for the benefit of an optimal the time available and dialogue with stakeholders.