Have you heard of or used “Vine” yet?

Vine is a new app from Twitter that allows users to record six-second videos that playback in a continuous loop. Of course, I joined Vine and so have a few pharma companies that have actually uploaded videos. Of course, practically no one has a Vine account, so the main benefit of using Vine is the ability to share your videos on other social networking sites such as Blogger. On that note, I’d like to “Vines” created by Boehringer and Abbott:

It’s a bit of a technical challenge to create these videos. According to actor Adam Goldberg (here):

“In order to make a great Vine I suggest, above all else, one acquire a severe, if not crippling, case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Because one can’t edit Vines or add sound post facto, it’s challenging and often impossible to make seamless sound edits.”

These days, very few of us have the time to listen to a 30-minute podcast or view a 60-second commercial. So a 6-second loopy video fits right in with today’s media swamped consumer. But to be successful, these videos have to be cleverly designed to take advantage of the “loopiness” of Vine. That is, the best Vines are ones that  loop seamlessly.

The utility of Vine for pharma marketing remains to be seen.