I finally get to see who’s behind the Rozerem ads!

If there were any justice in this world and if the Takeda marketing team had any scruples, these guys would be out of work.

But, strangely, they continue to win accolades. The latest comes from Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, which included these Cramer-Krasselt/Abelson Taylor big shots among its list of “Ad Stars” in the March 2007 issue.

“Pharma Exec honors the most innovative, creative, and thought-provoking ads of 2006–and the people who created them,” says PharmExec.

Too bad there aren’t any awards for most violative ads of 2006-2007, because these guys would win that one too! (see, for example,”Back to School for Takeda, Rozerem, and Abe Lincoln!“).

It’s no surprise that the team is all male — I can’t imagine an ad team with women members ever approving the use of a beaver as an ad icon. Since I’ve spoken on that subject ad nauseum before (see “Rozerem Ads Dis Lincoln, Show Beaver“), I won’t say any more on that subject here.

I will note, however, that the beaver also got recognized by PharmExec as one of the “Intriguing Icons of 2007.” “Need we say more?” quips PharmExec.

I am so disgusted that I have decided to take the rest of the week off and lie on the beach in Miami! If I get bored or drink too much some night down there, I might just rant some more here.

Meanwhile, have you joined my Rozerem Prescription Boycott campaign? Maybe that will motivate Takeda to shape up!

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