More than a month ago, I noted that “Goodbye to You” YAZ commercial, which the FDA found violated the law, was still available on the YouTube site maintained by Desiree Hall, one of the actresses in the commercial (see “YAZ Commercial Yanked from TV, But Not from YouTube“).

I didn’t think that Bayer was responsible for uploading and maintaining the video on YouTube, but I thought that Bayer should have compelled Desiree to “pull” the video from YouTube. You know, out of obeying the spirit as well as the letter of FDA law. After all, I doubt that Desiree’s use of the video was allowed under the “fair use” provision of copyright law. Bayer could have compelled her to remove the video just on the basis of copyright and trademark infringement, if it wanted to.

Today, I notice that the video is no longer available on Desiree’s site. I just love it when stuff like that happens! Of course, it may have have had nothing to do with my post. Desiree may have just decided she didn’t like the video any more. Yeah, right!