Selected Discussion Threads/Topics of Discussion

A select archive of past discussion “threads” and topics from the PHARMA-MKTING online forum and e-mail list. Opinions, information, and advice from thought leaders in pharmaceutical marketing.

  • PM-THREAD 1204-2: Pharma-Mkting Members Help Sri Lanka Tsunami Victims – As you may be well aware that Sri Lanka is been badly hit with the highest number of casualties coming from the region. Over 18700 people confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise well over 25000. Millions of people are displaced and are very worried about the secondary infections that might trigger due to polluted water and environment. Read this thread for important contact and other logistical information for making donations of medicines and drugs. Thanks to all members of the Pharma-Mkting listserv for their support and a special thanks to Mohamed Madharudeen, Marketing Manager at Surgipharm (Uganda) Ltd., a Uganda company that imports, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical and health care products in east Africa. Mr. Madharudeen has taken the initiative to get vital information out and make arrangements for shipment of drugs to Sri Lanka. – December, 2004

  • PM-THREAD 1204-1: Celebrex Problems – What Should Pfizer Do? – A National Cancer Institute clinical trial of Celebrex revealed that Celebrex may have similar negative cardiovascular side effects as does Vioxx, which was pulled from the market. Could Celebrex face the same consequence? The scientific data may be inconclusive (other studies show no such effect). What should Pfizer do? – December, 2004

  • PM-THREAD 0704-1: Drug Prices – As more an more consumers pay higher co-payments for drugs (or don’t have any Rx coverage at all), this situation — consumers complaining about drug prices — is going to get worse. You just can’t deal with this using numbers (i.e, money spent on marketing is just a fraction of what is spent on research) or PSAs to win an argument. – July, 2004

  • PM-THREAD 1003-1: Transition from Sales to Marketing: Looking for Guidance – Some key points that marketing candidates with many years of experience in other areas — in this case, sales — will need to address to appeal to hiring managers – Oct, 2003

  • PM-THREAD 0803-1: Making the Jump from Research to Marketing – Some key points that sales candidates with many years of experience in other areas — in this case, clinical research — and an MBA will need to address to appeal to hiring managers. – Aug, 2003

  • PM-THREAD 0703-1: How can I find a job in the pharmaceutical industry? – July, 2003

  • PM-THREAD 0703-2: The pros and cons of a few different careers in the pharmaceutical industry – July, 2003

  • PM-THREAD 0503-1: Operations Management in Pharmaceuticals: I am MBA student with an emphasis on Marketing Management. I have to write a paper for the Operations Management class. WHAT COULD BE AN ISSUE WHICH DEALS WITH BOTH, OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND Marketing Management ACTIVITIES? – May, 2003

  • PM-THREAD 1002-1: What’s the % of DTC budget spent online? – 22 October 2002