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7th Annual PharmaBrand Summit
June 5 – 6, 2006 * PGA National Resort & Spa, Florida

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Meet one-on-one with senior marketing and branding decision-makers from leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry!

The 7th Annual PharmaBrand Summit brings together industry experts to share actual experiences on their challenges and success in increasing the competitiveness of their products. By attending the 7th Annual PharmaBrand Summit, you will learn proven methods and strategies to meet today’s complex industry challenges in order to increase your profit potential and gain a competitive advantage. Hear from industry leaders on concepts, best practices and innovative ways of reaching and retaining desired markets challenged with ever-evolving regulation and shifts in consumer opinions and purchasing. They will also explore how federal and state policies and initiatives, namely Medicare/Medicaid and managed care, are giving birth to a new age of marketing and strategy in the Pharma industry; influencing areas such as DTC advertising, product development, lifecycle and brand management, physician marketing, and sales force management.

Unlike your traditional tradeshow, the summit creates the opportunity for participating product and service provider companies to meet one-on-one with senior executives in a relaxed but business-like environment. The Summit’s format, an amalgamation of one-on-one business meetings, keynote presentations and conference sessions, topic tables and networking activities, provide a select group of about 25 solution-providing companies with this truly unique business development opportunity.

The participating companies can expect:

  • One-on-one meetings with senior decision makers for leading companies
  • A shorter sales cycle by accomplishing 6 months of work in 3 days
  • Limited competition per product category
  • Explore new ideas and technologies away from day-to-day distractions of the office

Unique Format of the Summit

Time and Cost Effectiveness
By attending our Summits, the delegates are able to attend private, mutually selected, pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings in key areas of need within their organization…without the interruption of phones, assistants and employees. They are able to focus on you and your solutions, in a private and captive environment without fear of interrupting their own business schedule.

Selecting the Solution Providers of Their Own Choice
As corporate America continues to learn of the pivotal role of our delegates in the final decision-making process, our delegates are bombarded by unsolicited phone calls and sales approaches. Our delegates attend our Summits to meet with pre-qualified Solution Providers of their choosing in their key areas of need.

Networking with Peers and Colleagues
At our Summits, Peers are able to seek and share advice with the leading industry experts, during both formal and informal networking opportunities. Delegates share information with each other away from shareholders and the media, to gain valuable insight about shared trouble areas and emerging trends.

Continuing Education Program
Through case study presentations, think tanks and breakout sessions, delegates remain updated in key areas of their purvey. Specific off-the-record conversations take place on critical issues in private session.

To request an event brochure contact Simone Reeves at 246.417.5379 or at marketing@marcusevansbb.com.

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