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CBI’s First Annual Forum on
Anonymous Patient-Level Data and Analysis

June 5-6, 2003 * Adam’s Mark Hotel * Philadelphia, PA

Leverage Longitudinal Data to Increase the Market Potential of Drug Products

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly looking for tools that help make better business decisions, control costs and improve bottom lines. Companies are beginning to realize that patient level data is a promising tool that can provide this information for them. Companies can use this data to uncover unmet needs, market potential and product value.

Eli Lilly, Merck, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group, Pharmacia and other top pharmaceutical executives come together to speak at CBI’s First Annual Forum on Anonymous Patient-Level Data and Analysis on June 5-6, 2003 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

Attend this unique event and learn how to leverage patient level data to maximize your market potential. Major features of this event include: Discussions of current applications, changes happening in the industry and the level of investment that is needed to acquire effective patient level data for sales and marketing analysis.

Visit the conference site: www.cbinet.com/events/HB354/index/

For more information or to register contact CBI Registration at 800-817-8601 Fax 781-939-2490 Email cbireg@cbinet.com. Please visit our website at www.cbinet.com.

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