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The Definitive Annual Forum on Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information
May 12 – 13, 2005 * Philadelphia, PA

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This is the sequel to the very successful 2004 event! Our annual Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information conference is the premier forum that provides a platform for marketing, medical affairs and MSLs to interact and discuss positioning and communication of their products from a scientific standpoint. Network at, and benefit from, the leading industry event!

Hear What Some of Our Previous Attendees Have Had to Say about CBI?s Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information Conference:

  • “One of the most informative and practical conferences I?ve attended. Content was directly relevant to my day-to-day professional responsibilities” — Gil Golden, Director, Medical Affairs, Guilford Pharmaceuticals

  • “Great discussion from the audience members on challenges and opportunities for dissemination of scientific information. Very interactive sessions.” — Anonymous

  • “Content was relevant to day-to-day conduct of MSL group.” — Jen Lill, Director, Berlex

  • “I am new to medical affairs and I found topics very interesting and discussion from participants was invaluable.” — Sue Garnett, Director, Medical Education, Pharmion

  • “Hearing how other firms are approaching the ever changing and evolving regulations has helped me with how I will revise my internal approach to dissemination of scientific information.” — Howard Levy, Medical Liaison, Novo Nordisk

  • “Some good discussion of the dilemma?s faced by field based medical. A good foundation from which discussion can be had with field force that also attended.” — Scott Lowry, ML Manager, Novo Nordisk

  • “The debate and interchange hosted during the pre-conference symposium regarding roles and regulatory environment was outstanding.” — Cathy Sterk, Field Medical Director, Roche

Scientific exchange is a critical component for the advancement of optimal patient care and outcomes. MSLs, Medical Affairs and Marketing must establish a foundation and process for generating and disseminating scientific information. Also, due to recent high profile scandals with regards to off-label dissemination, companies need to take a vested interest in improving their procedures for disseminating scientific information.

Attend CBI’s 2nd Annual Forum on Field-Based Dissemination of Scientific Information and hear strategies on how field based MSLs deliver value to major stakeholders, exchange of information in pre-approval, phase III/IV and off-label use, MSL metrics, OIG guidelines, competitive intelligence and much more!

For more information or to register, please visit the conference website or contact the Center for Business Intelligence toll free by phone at 1-800-817-8601 or via e-mail at cbireg@cbinet.com.

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