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2nd Annual Predictive Intelligence Conference for Bio/Pharmaceutical Companies
Industry-Specific Models for Trend Analysis, Strategic Planning, Early Warning and Future Risk Assessment
January 23 – 24, 2006 * Princeton, NJ

Visit the conference website for more information and to register.

This unique conference focuses on industry-specific tools and techniques available for analyzing data to strategically plan for the future. Take scenario planning, competitive intelligence and data analysis to the next level by attending this conference. Become equipped to strategically plan for the future and to generate the insights, analyses and recommendations needed for success in today’s competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

The conference explores methods and techniques for:

  • Risk management
  • Scenario analysis and scenario planning
  • Early warning systems
  • Signal and trend monitoring/detection

Prepare your organization to thrive in the future healthcare environment! Register early to secure best pricing and to reserve your seat at CBI’s Predictive Intelligence Conference, where you learn how to develop plausible scenarios and action plans for the future.

For more information or to register, please contact the Center for Business Intelligence toll free by phone at 1-800-817-8601 or via e-mail at cbireg@cbinet.com or visit the conference website.

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