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Building the Optimal Service Model:
Creating the Right Physician Experiences
To Drive Business
Thursday, February 5, 2009
10:00 AM ET – 11:30 AM ET

Featuring NEW Research with Physicians across the US and Europe on Their Experience Preferences—Plus How They Rate 16 Pharma Companies on Reps, Relationships and Services

The Vast Majority of Pharmaceutical Companies across the US and Europe Say They Are Moving from Traditional Sales Models to New Service Models. But Are Doctors Experiencing Any Real Change?

What New Service Experiences Do Doctors Want? And How Well Are 16 Top Pharma Companies Delivering?

Which Rep Attributes Matter Most to Physicians?

Which Communication Channels Do Doctors Prefer?

The pharmaceutical industry says that it’s moving from traditional sales models to customer-centric service models. What does that transition mean for companies, reps and physicians? What should you do differently to ensure the new models succeed? And what do doctors really want from you?

Learn the answers at a NEW WebSeminar—Building the Optimal Service Model: Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business.

1. Defining the New Service Models: What They Are and How to Make Them Succeed

  • Discover how to create messages with the power to generate prescribing.
  • Learn how to identify which competitive messages are detrimental to your brand—and blunt their impact.
  • Hear how you can adapt messaging in response to market changes, ensuring your brand’s continued growth.
  • Find the Achilles’ heel in your competitor’s message—and act to gain a market advantage.

2. Listening to Your Customers: Where Doctors See Change and What They Want from Your Reps (Based on NEW Research with US and EU Physicians)

  • Learn where physicians are experiencing changes in how effectively pharma provides key services—and how trends have shifted since last year.
  • Identify which rep characteristics doctors value most.
  • Explore which information channels physicians prefer.

3. Getting Your Service Model “Report Card”: What Doctors Value and How They Rate Companies on Delivering (Based on NEW Research with US and EU Physicians)

  • Hear what physicians across the US and Europe value most in their pharma relationships—and how preferences compare across countries and over time.
  • Analyze how doctors “grade” 16 pharma companies across a range of activities.
  • See which companies have improved most since last year—and where you can gain a competitive edge.

Learn how to get the greatest return on your sales and marketing investment by giving doctors what they want—and what will drive your business—at Building the Optimal Service Model.

Guest Speakers

Andrew Brana
Senior Global Consultant, Sales Performance Optimization
TNS Healthcare

Mark Sales
Global Practice Leader, Stakeholder Management
TNS Healthcare
Martin Silverman
Senior Vice President and Practice Leader, Sales Force Effectiveness
TNS Healthcare

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