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Optimizing the Use of Patient-Level Data (PLD)
to Enhance Your Marketing Capabilities
March 22-23, 2004 * Philadelphia, PA

In a time when market exclusivity is shortened by patent expirations and pharmaceutical companies are fiercely competing for market share, marketers need to utilize every resource to their fullest advantage. Patient-Level Data (PLD) is proving to be one such advantage. Typically marketers have tracked physician prescribing behavior as a means to forecast market conditions and monitor product performance. Patient-Level Data is now supplying the crucial pieces of the puzzle left missing by physician-level data. At each step of a patient’s contact with the healthcare system, data recorded electronically about disease state and treatment regimens are available to pharmaceutical companies once identifying information has been stripped from the records. Effective analysis of PLD can boost pharmaceutical sales during a drug’s lifetime by eliminating speculation from marketing decisions.

Industry executives are still lining up on opposing sides when it comes to using PLD. Some tout the benefit of having a plethora of data to examine, while others criticize the validity of its uses. Some of the controversy stems from misunderstanding the limits of PLD and asking questions it was not meant to answer. Knowing what type of data is available and what insight it provides can save you marketing dollars and increase sales exponentially.

Pharmaceutical Education Associates is proud to present the Optimizing the Use of Patient-Level Data to Enhance Your Marketing Capabilities conference. This conference will address how PLD data can be used, what types are available, and what questions it can answer. Learn how to integrate this information into your company structure and become a knowledge-driven, customer-centered company. Our Case Study Challenge provides an opportunity to test what you have learned throughout the conference. One request for presentation (RFP) has been submitted to all data providers participating so that you and our distinguished industry panel can determine methods to help solve your marketing quandaries.

At this forward-looking conference you will hear from your peers who are successfully employing PLD now, and benefit from:

  • Discovering Routes of Accessing PLD within HIPAA Regulations
  • Learning What Types of PLD Are Available
  • Sharpening Your Marketing Tools to Impact Your Target Audience
  • Using PLD analysis as a critical tool in demonstrating value to the payors
  • Distinguishing true NRX from refills or switches
  • Tracking PLD to discover the real market opportunities
  • Determining which patients are being prescribed a drug and why
  • Demonstrating how to use PLD to reveal critical demographic and sociographic influences on prescribing habits
  • Incorporating PLD to become a knowledge-driven, customer-centered company
  • PLUS! Don’t miss the “Case Study Challenge” – Join our distinguished panel of industry judges in evaluating the capabilities of PLD providers.

Sign Up for the Exclusive Pre-Conference Workshop:

Introduction to Classical and Advanced Patient-Level Data Analyses
Patient-level data brings along with it a whole host of concepts, terminology, and paradigms. This workshop is meant to cut through the clutter and shed some light on what patient-level data is really about.
Facilitated by Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD of BAYSER CONSULTING

Featuring insights from these industry experts:

Michael L. Barnes, PhD, Vice President, Business Intelligence and Consulting
Phillip Benson, Director Market Analytics – New Products
Brian Cain, Senior Director Global Market Research
Christopher M. Dezii, RN, MBA, Associate Director, Retrospective Data Analysis
Rahul Dhanda, PhD, Assistant Director
Dirk Haasner, PhD, MPM, Head of Regulatory and Medical Affairs
Kamal Jedidi, PhD, Professor
Paul W. Kim, JD, MPH, Associate
Jim Martin, PhD, Associate Director, Central Reimbursement Group
Sharon Patent, Director, Research & Consulting
Dan Paterson, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development
Steve Piazza, Vice President
Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD), President

For more information about registering for this conference, visit the conference site at www.pharmedassociates.com/business.asp#p164

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