4th Annual (2008)
Networking Dinner Reception

  • DATE/TIME: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 * 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
  • LOCATION: Princeton Marriott Hotel and Conference Center at Forrestal, 100 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, 08540, (609) 452-7800
    • Standard Registration: $115.00 per person
    • AFTER MAY 30, 2008: $130.00 per person ($150.00 at the door, if seating is available) Register Now!

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Comments from attendees of previous networking events

Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn from expert speakers! – Hear presentations from drug industry executives and our sponsor about marketing to physicians, Web 2.0 tools, and mentoring. See the Agenda for more details.

  2. Start networking with attendees BEFORE the meeting – All registered attendees will be able to participate in the “2008 Networking Reception Attendee Forum“, which is open ONLY to attendees. Here you will get updates about who is attending, including their contact information; you will be able to add other attendees to your “buddy list” and send them private messages; and you can post information about yourself and what your networking goals are so that other attendees can see it and respond to you, if they wish.

    The sooner you REGISTER, the more benfit you will get from this resource.

  3. Participate in the Vendor Video Showcase – All attendees will have the opportunity to have their 60-second “elevator pitch” videotaped digitally at the event. After the event, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube where you can review them and decide if you wish to have your video included in a DVD that will be given awy FREE to pharma product managers. The DVD will be promoted via Pharma Marketing Network. As a Showcase member, your video can be embedded in your Preferred Vendor Listing on the Pharma Marketing Network portal site and you can also embed your video on your Web site. There is an extra charge for including your video on the DVD and uploaded to YouTube with embedding turned on. Call 215-504-4164 for details.

  4. Meet potential business partners – Meet potential business partners who can help you achieve your business goals. Pharma brand managers can meet vendors and vendors can meet brand managers in a relaxing atmosphere.

  5. Chance to win a $200 Gift Certificate! – Fill up your “dance card” with contacts you have made at the meeting and you are eligible to enter a drawingto win a $200 gift certificate (or donation to your charity of choice).

  6. Promote your business – You can promote your business one-on-one with attendees or be a sponsor for greater visibility at the meeting and in promotions.

  7. Exchange ideas, share knowledge – Meet up with your peers to give as well as receive advice on improving your business!

  8. Network for a new job! – If you are looking for a new position or if your company is looking for new talent, this is a perfect opportunity for you to scout around.

  9. Get Out and Have a Good Time! – Enjoy good food and the company of colleagues!

Pharma Marketing Network has hosted several successful networking events in the past. The last one in April, 2006, was attended by over 100 people! (See photos from the 2006 event here.)

We expect this year’s event to be as, if not more, successful.

Thank you in advance for your input. We hope to see you at the reception. If you can’t make it,Good luck!

Comments and Highlights from Previous Events

Year: 2006 * Attendees: 105

  • “It was an enjoyable event, I also always learn something and most of all any networking event is what you the individual make of it and how comfortable you are at the art of networking.” -Bill Amberg

  • “The evening was great, the food was wonderful, and it was well organized. We received a lot of positive response and requests to contact individuals for projects. It’s gotten better every year and I’m sure next year will be no exception.” -Jerry Mauder
  • “We enjoyed the dinner and sponsorship and look forward to more opportunities to participate.” -Stephen M. Carnevale
  • “Thanks again for putting on a great party! We definitely met some very nice people and a few interesting contacts that may lead to future business.” -Richard Shapiro
  • “I got a chance to meet some interesting people and talk about social media technology in healthcare.” -Fard Johnmar

Year: 2005 * Attendees: 69

  • “I enjoyed the dinner last night… I made at least two good contacts, one of which might even have a job lead for me.”
  • “I enjoyed the event last night. First class!” “Thanks for letting me know about your networking session. “A good time was had by all” Your wife was lovely!” “Hi John – good to see you at the networking dinner tonite…..it was a great event and I enjoyed meeting/reacquainting with people.” “This is the first event like this I have attended where the food was actually served hot!” “Just wanted to thank you for putting together the event on Wednesday. Everything was great–I made some contacts and met some really nice and knowledgeable people.”
  • “The atmosphere and the food were great. I also made several good contacts at the event and learned a lot. Looking forward to the next one.”

Year: 2004 * Attendees: 47

Be sure to join us in 2008!