The IBS Patient Support Group, an online patient community for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers founded by Jeffrey Roberts, announced today a new initiative to designate April 19th as World IBS Day. The mission of World IBS Day is to ignite a new conversation about IBS to raise awareness about the quality of life issues patients face while living with the condition, and to show strong support for research & healthcare professionals in their pursuit to find treatments.

This brand new, annual event will generate a donation of 10 cents each time the hashtag(s) #LetsTalkIBS, #IBSAwarenessDay or #WorldIBSDay are used across all social platforms on April 19th.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common digestive disorder which can significantly impair a patient’s quality of life, and affects roughly 10% of the global population or 700 million people worldwide.

“We created World IBS Day to take place every year on April 19th to unite the world to raise awareness about IBS under one banner. We believe that World IBS Day begins a new conversation about Irritable Bowel Syndrome where it is hoped that worldwide awareness activities will culminate on a single day to talk about patients, education, research and support for healthcare professionals and their efforts to find treatment options,” says Roberts.

The World IBS Day website is located at and is supported on this inaugural year by organizations and individuals from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Organizations, institutions, vendors and industry involvement are invited to join in via the website.

Sponsorship opportunities for this inaugural event are still available. Interested parties can contact eHealthcare Solutions for more information.