Pharma companies are highly matrixed organizations, which presents challenges in handoffs, overlaps between roles and functions, access to data and accountability of who owns and acts on this data in a timely manner. Therefore, instigating change at an organizational level is difficult, and takes much longer than anticipated.
This podcast will share insights and experiences from Ozgun Demir, Head of Digital Marketing at Genentech on:

  • Change management, resource management: how you ready the organization to take in whatever capabilities you’re building
  • Data and measurement: ensuring marketers get access to the data in a timely manner
  • Accountability: ensuring overlapping roles act efficiently and expediently both with data and technology
  • Enacting a learning agenda: Genentech’s approach to ensuring everyone – at an enterprise level – understands the same language, terminology and definitions
  • In-housing of media vs. moving therapeutic area level of engagement to an enterprise level of engagement