What influences atopic dermatitis trial enrollment? What are the deciding factors for patients, and do they differ internationally? How can you overcome enrollment barriers on a global scale?

The answers to all of these questions are found in this whitepaper from Clariness, a global patient recruitment specialist who has supported 75+ dermatology trials over the last 17 years.

Drawing on their experience, current literature, and surveys with over 4,700 atopic dermatitis patients of all ages, Clariness analyzes the drivers and barriers to atopic dermatitis patient enrollment, and how to overcome them with innovative digital recruitment & screening processes.

In this free, 16-page whitepaper, Clariness covers:

• Factors influencing patient participation willingness
• International differences between atopic dermatitis patient groups
• Differences in patient outreach depending on diagnosis and condition severity
• Digital techniques Clariness has developed, with data evidencing their effectiveness vs. traditional methods

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