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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 Popular Business Internet Radio with Pharmaguy on BlogTalkRadio

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John Mack interviews industry speakers live at the November, 2006 eyeforpharma e-Communication and Online Marketing Online conference in Philadelphia.

The following people stopped by my setup at the conference or called in as guests:

  • Mark Bard, President, Manhattan Research and member of the Pharma Marketing Roundtable. Mark is moderating a panel on Tuesday morning entitled “Update your sales strategy: The Quality vs. Quantity dilemma and how to leverage the Internet to support and evolve your sales.” Mark has a lot of insight into physician use of the Internet not only here in the US but in Europe as well.
  • Fard Johnmar, Founder of Envision Solutions, L.L.C. and fellow blogger over at Healthcare Vox. He’s doing some work on the methodology of analyzing risks vs. benefits of online marketing, which will be the subject of my presentation at the meeting.
  • Steven H. Krein, co-founder and CEO of OrganizedWisdom, a health-focused social networking site that combines professional and user-generated health content to help people make the most informed health decisions possible. See his WisdonCard.
  • Unity Stoakes, co-founder and President of OrganizedWisdom. See his WisdonCard.
  • Harry Sweeney, CEO of Dorland Global Health Communications and member of the Pharma Marketing Roundtable. Harry’s been a friend for years and knows a lot of people. He has been in the pharmaceutical marketing communications business for a long time and can offer a lot of perspective to any discussion on this topic.
  • Svetlana Toun, SVP, International Strategic Alliances, Alansis Corporation. Svetlana will be presenting a workshop entitled “Connect, Communicate, Hit your Target!” on Tuesday morning at the conference.


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