Measuring Consumer Sentiment About Prescription Drugs Data Mining and Scoring Consumer-Generated Content About Botox, Restylane and Other BrandsA conversation with Mark De Paoli, Life-sciences Analyst at BrandIntel

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BrandIntel provides pharmaceutical companies with reliable information on the happenings in the online world and what is being discussed about their brands and topics in general online. Basically, pharma companies are able to get near real-time insight into exactly what consumers say about their brands and the effectiveness of their marketing efforts through a combination of human analysis and award-winning technology that monitors billions of web pages and millions of web sites. Once relevant content is identified from thousands of blogs, discussion forums, message boards, information portals, media sites and newsgroups, BrandIntel analyzes and translates the consumer-created content into actionable data, enabling businesses to advance the science of decision making.

In this Pharma Marketing Talk interview, Mark De Paoli, Life-sciences Analyst at BrandIntel, will be talking about the evolution of consumer sentiment regarding Botox over the past few years.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • How do you meausre consumer sentiment? Describe your methodology. How do you come up with your “Sentiment Score” and “Discussion SCcore” and what do these mean?
  • When you look at consumer-generated content on the Web, what kinds of content or sites are you looking at?
  • Based on your analysis, what can you tell us about consumer sentiment about Botox vs. Restylane? What about new products in this category? Any buzz online yet that your are measuring?

Guest Bio

Mark De PaoliMark De Paoli, is the Account Manager for the Life Sciences vertical of BrandIntel. Specializing in helping pharmaceutical and biotech clients analyze online consumer-generated content in blogs, discussion boards, chatrooms, etc. in order to improve business decisions, Mark helps customers become better-informed about the pharmaceutical/biotech landscape. In addition, Mark works closely with life science clients to understand online discussion trends in order to help validate critical business decisions, uncover new opportunities for value creation, and grow closer to consumers. Mark has also played an active role working with BrandIntel’s video game and hedge fund clients. Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and currently resides in Toronto.