Medical Transcript Advertising A Unique Technique to Reach Physicians with Targeted Brand Messaging.Click Here for Additional Resources

A conversation with Manuel Prado

, CEO of datumRx

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With roughly 100,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives knocking on doctors office doors every day and states imposing restrictions on their activity, it is harder and harder to reach prescribers. There is also the expense of using “live” sales reps. There is an ever-increasing need to reach physicians with brand messages and reminders through “non-personal” marketing techniques that do not directly involve sales reps.

datumRX, a California-based company that specializes in aggregating clinical data and medical records, has come up with a unique technique to reach physicians with targeted brand messaging by placing Rx product logos on medical transcripts containing key words, relevant to the product.

The solution, called advertRX, delivers brand messages directly to the eyes of prescribing doctors nationwide.Click Here for Additional Resources

Guest Bio

PradoManuel Prado
With over thirteen years of experience working in both corporate finance and the medical transcription industry, it was a logical step for Manuel Prado to found datumRx, marrying aspects of both industries by creating a revolutionary way for pharmaceutical companies to reach prescribing doctors. Mr. Prado came up with the idea of medical transcript advertising in 2006 and promptly filed several patents. The company was established shortly thereafter and is now building its network with transcription companies nationwide. Serving as datumRx’s president, Mr. Prado brings leadership and passion to the company, as well as the logistical management of their patent-pending technology.

Prior to founding datumRx, Mr. Prado worked in the medical transcription field. He also served as a director of sales at Thomson Financial. Manuel Prado holds a Bachelors Degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He was born in the United States and has lived abroad in Europe and South America. He speaks English, Spanish and French and currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.

Some Questions/Topics Discussed

    1. What do you mean when you say “medical transcript advertising?” How does that work?
    2. How do you determine where to place the AdvertRX ads, or which AdvoiceRX messages to include?
    3. Why do you think transcription advertising can be more effective than other channels of marketing?
    4. How do prescribers feel about medical transcript advertisements? Do you get push-back there?
    5. Is this a legal and HIPAA-compliant method for marketing messages?
    6. What’s the reach of products like AdvertRX and AdvoiceRX? How many patient records does DatumRX have access to?

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