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A conversation with Michael Nusimow, CEO/Co-Founder, and Daniel Kivatinos, COO/Co-Founder,, about Dr. Chrono EMR, an iPad application that pairs a web-based practice management platform with an iPad based Clinical Toolkit to enable physicians to provide cutting edge service at the point of care. (See guest bios.)

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“Is the iPad just what the doctor ordered?” This was a question posed by the WSJ Health Blog in May, 2010.

According to an Epocrates survey performed in January 2010, about one in five physicians said they planned to purchase an iPad within the first year of release. Probaby twice that many now have plans to buy one. Many more may get their iPads FREE thanks to software developers and pharma marketers anxious to reach and sell other products and services to physicians.

“We are now at a place where the convergence of form factor, power, connectivity, affordability, and functionality argue for widespread adoption,” said Steve Woodruff in a guest post on “An iPhone screen is pretty small. A laptop is inconvenient. An iPad which can be used for data lookup, data entry, point-of-need multimedia education and reference, and access to electronic health records — what’s not to like?”

Already, there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of health-related apps running on the iPad. Many of these are actually very useful for the practice of medicine. One of the latter is Dr. Chrono EMR, which, according to the Dr. Chrono:

  • Bridges the attention gap between a physician’s clipboard, laptop and patient.
  • Offers physicians an unprecedented opportunity to bring modern technology into the exam room without feeling as awkward as using a laptop while examining a patient.
  • Includes an optimized billing engine for office staff to process all medical billing electronically with the latest billing codes and medical billing rules.
  • Moves the phsyician’s practice into the 21st century while taking advantage of two way electronic medical billing and Hi-Tech and Medicare incentives.

Dr. Chrono is giving away iPads to registered users of their EMR backend software.

A mock-up patient screen from Dr. Chrono EMR is shown in the image below:

Michael Nusimow

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Is this all about the argument that DTC and other other types of pharma marketing are the main causes of high drug prices in the US or has the industry brought this on itself by indulging in marketing excesses that physicians and patients — not to mention government regulators — are getting weary of?
  • Should we fight these restrictions on drug marketing because they are counter to our free market (for ideas) heritage or is pharma so powerful in terms of money that “free” can not desccribe the market of ideas that consumers and physicians are subject to?
  • Are some state laws, such as a Maine law that allows doctors to not allow their prescribing information to be used by drug companies for detailing targeting, really that limiting or is it easy for pharma marketers to get around these laws?
  • And much more…

Guest Bio

Michael Nusimow

Michael Nusimow has been working as a software engineer since 2000. He has implemented highly successful components of the Bloomberg Professional Terminal, which are used by customers worldwide. In parallel, Michael also took on the role of founder and CTO of two early stage startup companies: Noreast Netcomm (2005-2006) and Hurry Games (2006-2007). Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Engineering & Computer Science and was elected President of the Electrical Engineering Honor Society. Michael also received a certificate of professional achievement from Columbia University in Information Systems.


Daniel Kivatinos has been involved in the information technology space since 2001, having culminated a nine-year record of achievement as an Internet strategist, entrepreneur and developer of great technologies. His background includes startup ventures in both non-profit organizations and for-profit companies alike. Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science & Psychology from Stony Brook University. His perspective complements’s needs as a young and rapidly growing company.

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