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Steve Woodruff (see bio), President of Impactiviti, joins John Mack (@pharmaguy) to discuss his mission as a “Connection Agent,” connecting people and businesses.

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“My mission is to be a Connection Agent,” says Steve in his mission statement.

“I am connecting people and businesses with their true identity and message; with creative opportunities to grow and succeed; and with other people and resources to bring about increasing success.”I want to leave behind a network of people who are richer because of these connections, and who will follow that example by enriching others.”As I look over the entire landscape of my heart and my activities, I think that kinda sums it up.”

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What does it mean to be a “Connection Agent”? Why do pharma companies and service providers/consultants need one?
  • Explain how you make connections?
  • Do you use social media tools to help you in your business?

Guest Bio

Steve Woodruff

Steve Woodruff is President of Impactiviti, a pharmaceutical consultancy focused on marketing, training, and social media. Steve works closely with clients on strategy, creative and technical design, and vendor selection. He has provided expert advice to the industry for 13 years, and worked for 10 years before that in the medical device industry. See Steve’s PMN Forums profile here.

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