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A conversation with Joshua Duhl, VP Marketing & Product Management at North Plains Systems, about his company’s new generation of content management solutions for ingesting, categorizing, finding, converting, collaborating on and distributing rich media no matter where it is stored in your company. (See guest bio).

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In the online world, marketing is about the conversations visitors have with your content while you aren’t there.

At some point in the last five years we crossed a line where all of our customers were online and actively looking to self-educate themselves on their buying options. The Internet became the dominant communication medium between companies and their prospects, and as a result marketing became interactive and measurable, moving from a broadcast paradigm to a conversational one.

In this new online world, there is only one valid response to marketing measurement- more content. Marketing measurement is the voice of your customer speaking back to your content- they click for more, they register and ask for more, or they go away. As a result, the boom in marketing analytics and operations technology will only payoff for companies if they match that effort with an equivalent effort in their content creation processes.

This provides unique challenges to Pharma marketing departments where they also have to take regulatory requirements into account. Previously, Pharma companies could rely on direct-to-physician marketing and carefully controlled advertisements in traditional media, but the online world has changed that.

Customers are online looking for information, and if a Pharma company doesn’t participate in that conversation, their offerings won’t be the ones customers adopt.Traditional content management systems help with some of the process, but good content includes strong visuals — rich media like diagrams, photos and video. And this rich digital media is expensive and slow to create, creating a significant barrier in marketing operations.

As mentioned, prior-generation content management solutions only support text content effectively. They fail miserably when it comes to rich media such as images, graphics and video: content can’t be found, or it can’t be viewed once found, or it can’t be edited once viewed. If you are lucky enough to find, view and edit something, you still can’t use it because you can’t figure out if you are allowed to use it due to rights and contractual issues.

You can’t win the marketing game — or effectively meet regulatory requirements — with issues like that.

If you are serious about marketing across multiple channels, you need to be serious about the processes that generate and manage your rich media assets — they are your most expensive content asset and your biggest execution bottleneck.

Pharma Marketers and their agencies require advanced capabilities. Robust campaigns require internal processes that enable access, collaboration, approval and distribution of assets that meet their regulatory needs. By adopting digital asset management, Pharma Marketers and their agencies can address these processes and securely access, use and distribute video, audio, still images, artwork, documents, and relevant digital files. Already many of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies are using digital asset management to streamline the global pharma marketing workflows and content distribution.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • How important are rich media, including video, for pharma in communications with physicians and consumers?
  • What are the global regulatory challenges that pharma marketers face when usiung digital media and how does your content management solution help?

Guest Bio

Joshua DuhlJoshua Duhl has over 20 years of marketing, product management, market analysis, and consulting experience. As VP of Marketing & Product Management for North Plains he oversees the full lifecycle of the company’s digital asset management (DAM) and publishing products.

Prior to North Plains, Duhl was Director, Enterprise Product Marketing at Quark, and VP Product Management and Strategy at ClearStory Systems. As Director of Research for IDC’s Content Management and Rich Media software service he covered the content management, DAM, authoring software, dynamic publishing and digital rights management markets. Throughout his career Duhl has provided strategic marketing, product planning and positioning guidance to a variety of software companies.

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