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A conversation with Rob Halkes, MHA, Managing Consultant/Owner, Health Business Consult (see Bio), about a new commercial model for a pharmaceutical market approach, which puts the customer’s needs first. An approach that provides added value to medicines so as to help healthcare providers help their patients better.

Aired LIVE on:
Friday, May 31, 2013

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The model starts with the acknowledgement that there is not one right way for approaching all different markets to pharma with a standard approach. Preference schemes for drug selection, local protocols, reimbursement schemes, actual health care systems’ conditions, drug prices, different stakeholders and the very portfolio of the company, can only lead to the conclusion that differentiation should be the name of the game. The model needs to accommodate for these different conditions.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • The three components of the new model were discussed: (1) Value Proposition – promoting the therapy WITH the drug, (2) A Customer-Centric Market Approach, and (3) Process of Change – reorganizing the marketing decision process within pharma
  • Discrepancies with the traditional market approach of pharma – e.g. won’t the new commercial model stay away from personal face-to-face detailing?
  • As Pharma is busy now to implement edetailing and CLM – isn’t the new commercial model actually the same as that?
  • How would a pharma company implement the new model?
  • Would the impact of the model be the same for any portfolio?
  • Is the change to this new model and the transition a thing that should come from HQ?

Guest Bio

Rob HalkesRob Halkes has been a consultant in health care business development for 25 years, and was prior to that a lecturer at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. His areas of expertise are strategy, innovation, professional and commercial development and include specific experience in ehealth, and social media.

He worked for care providers, major pharmaceutical companies and the devices industry in the Netherlands, Western Europe, Canada and Russia. Active with a new commercial model of pharma. Realized such as “proof of concept” in the Netherlands.

With concepts like Care for Health, Experience Co-Creation in Care, Integrated Care, Participatory Care and Social Care, he shares his knowledge on provision of care to improved outcomes, trusted relations with care providers and self management of patients.

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