Connecting the Social Media Dots Which Pharma Companies are Succeeding?
PharmaGuy interviews Rebecca Canvin, Social Media Manager, and Rick Evans, Digital Strategist, at Ogilvy Healthworld (see Bios), about the “Connecting the Dots” survey, which evaluated how 14 major pharma companies were performing in social media communications across six key categories.

Air Date: Friday, 8 May 2015

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Connecting the Dots 2014 Survey ChartThis figure is adapted from Figures 1 and 2 in the report, which you can find here.

The fast-moving pace of social media, and the powerful amplifying effect that it can have on perceptions about a brand, means that even for the bravest of businesses it can be a daunting space. While there is still some evidence of “social anxiety” across the global pharma industry, many organizations are getting involved in the online conversation.

Ogilvy Healthworld carried out its second annual Pharma Social Media Audit in 2014 to analyze the corporate social media activity of 14 pharma companies. We monitored 10 of the most popular social networks to evaluate how each company was performing across six key categories:

  1. Social presence: How many social networks was the company on?
  2. Activity: Was the content kept fresh with regular updates?
  3. Engagement: Were the companies engaging their users and generating interest?
  4. Social network: How simple and intuitive was the connection between social networks?
  5. Virality: Was the content spread around the social sphere?
  6. Community Size: How big was the community?

Questions/Topics of Discussion

  1. Background to the report – the pharma social media landscape
  2. What was analyzed – the categories and how they are defined
  3. What was learned – three distinct groups, key insights
  4. Suggestions on how pharma can improve social media engagement
  5. What’s next this year?

Guest Bios

Rebecca CanvinRebecca (Becky) Canvin is Social Media Manager at Ogilvy Healthworld. Leading social media strategy for Ogilvy Healthworld in London, Becky is an enthusiastic and award-winning social media manager with over eight years’ experience in digital content, social media and editorial production. Becky has proven track record of implementing successful content and social media strategies and managing teams of content experts.

Rick EvansRick Evans is Digital Strategist at Ogilvy Healthworld. As a digital strategist Rick has been involved in the delivery of communications strategies for both pre and post-launch products in the UK, Europe and global markets. He also has considerable experience in the development and execution of disease awareness campaigns. He has a particular interest in website information architecture and social media strategy.