Curation vs. Content Marketing Which is Best for Pharma Marketers?
Pharmaguy interviews Arsalan Arif (see Bio), Publisher of ENDPOINTS, about the benefits versus the drawbacks of content curation versus content marketing for pharmaceutical marketers in a social media world.

Recorded on Thursday, 25 February 2016

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You can also visit this Pharma Marketing Talk Segment Page to listen to the archived audio podcast. This show and ALL Pharma Marketing Talk shows are available as podcasts via PMT on iTunes (FREE!). We discuss the value of curated pharma/health content. Specifically: Can pharma marketers do content curation? Or are they too focused on “content marketing?”

Guest Bio

Arsalan ArifArsalan Arif is the founder and publisher of ENDPOINTS, a daily digest of essential biotech news.

Previously, Arsalan led FierceBiotech and the Life Sciences Group to become the most widely read biopharmaceutical news source in the world.

Arsalan is also a media engineer with a record creating profitable, high-profile daily news products. His focus is on business news journalism, brand building, digital advertising sales, and talent evaluation.

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