Enhance Your Vendor Directory Listing

For detailed information about enhancement options, see the Vendor Directory Information Page. Use the Order Form below to place your order.

Before ordering enhancements, consider signing up for a Case Study Promotion, which includes a FREE enhanced Vendor Directory listing with a link to your case study. YOU CAN SAVE A BUNDLE!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a Case Study Promotion Plan:

  1. Your Case Study is included in an issue of Pharma Marketing News alongside editorial content relevant to your product or service. The case study is featured as a practical, real-life example of the subject under discussion.

    BECAUSE YOUR CASE STUDY IS PART OF THE EDITORIAL CONTENT, IT HAS MUCH MORE VALIDITY THAN AN AD! For that reason alone, it will be read and remembered by many more people.

  2. Several days following the insertion of your Case Study in a Pharma Marketing News, we will run a follow-up, DEDICATED promotional “e-mail blast” to members of the PHARMA-MKTING opt-in email list. This can be a detailed product description, press release, etc. See our Media Kit for a description of our e-mail list and promotional options, including e-mail ads (see Media Kit).

  3. Your case study will be listed in the Pharma Marketing Network Case Study InfoBase page, where it will be available to all site visitors for a period of 6 months or 1 year, depending on your subscription option.

  4. FREE Vendor Directory Enhanced Listing! Your company will be listed in the Pharma Marketing Vendor Directory for 6 months or 1 year without charge, depending on your subscription option.

Enhancement Online Order Form

Select your desired enhancement option/term by clicking on the appropriate “Add to Cart” button. Return to this page to add more options to the cart (click on “Return to Shopping” button on the Cart page). When you have selected all your options, procced to checkout by clicking on the “View Cart” button on this page or the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the Cart page.

You may also pay by check – download the Directory Listing Printable Order & Payment Form and Fax your order; you will be invoiced. Your order will be activated after receipt of payment in full.

Enhancement 6-Month Term 1-Year Term Larger, bold, color font for company name; top position in link list. $5.85/month
Choose Color Black Red Blue Green $4.50/month
Choose Color Black Red Blue Green Up to 225 words for description. If needed, you can return to the Request Form to update the description already entered. $5.85/month
$4.50/month Active Web link (as in www.virsci.com) $2.90/month
Active email link (as in infovirsci@virsci.com) $2.90/month
A small logo – GIF or JPG; 200×75 pixels Max. dimensions. We will contact you to obtain this logo – or send it via email to infovirsci@virsci.com. $5.85/month
Duplicate listing (see the Vendor Directory Information Page for a list of categories) $27/duplicate