This is a SPECIAL OFFER for selected members with an Enhanced Listing in the Pharma Marketing Vendor Directory. Offer good through 30 September 2003.

There is a 10% discount for ordering online by credit card! (see below)

You may also pay by check – download the Special Offer Printable Order & Payment Form and Fax your order; you will be invoiced. Your order will be activated after receipt of payment in full.

The DEDICATED HOME PAGE option includes:

  • a unique Web page dedicated to your company (see, for example, the VirSci Corporation Dedicated Home Page),
  • a top position with larger, bold font in the Vendor Directory listing menu linking to your Dedicated Home Page (see, for example, the VirSci Corporation listing on the Medical/Marketing Communications Agencies Directory Page),
  • a 500 to 600 word description of your products and services, including links,
  • an active email link to allow visitors to click and email you a message,
  • multiple active Web links allowing visitors to visit various pages on your own Web site (if you have one),
  • a large logo or other graphic identifying your company or product or service offering, and
  • a monthly Page Request Report showing you how many visitors viewed your Dedicated Hime Page.

For an example, see VirSci Corporation Dedicated Home Page.

A Basic Listing can get you a top ranking on search engines such as GOOGLE. Enhancements can make your company stand out from your competitors listed on the same Directory page. Even better is when people can find you on GOOGLE by searching on keywords related to your product or service. For example, you may want high visibility when people search for “healthcare advertising agency” as well as your corporate name. WIth a DEDICATED HOME PAGE plus KEYWORDS, you can do just that.

This SPECIAL OFFER includes KEYWORDS at no extra charge!


See features listed above. PLUS up to 10 KEYWORDS (included at no extra charge).