The Revitalized Brand: Creating a New Brand Image from an Old Product

This article summarizes a presentation made by Lynne Brookes, Vice President, US Marketing, Cephalon Inc. at EyeforPharma's Successful Product Branding in Pharma conference in London, UK on 23 March 2004 in which she discussed the marketing strategies behind Gabitril and Actiq.

Branding as a Management Tool in Pharma

In a world crowded with many similar competing consumer goods, the most successful companies have been those who control the marketing, sales AND distribution systems. Government intervention, complex reimbursement systems and numerous intermediaries, however, handicap the pharma industry, which is a long way behind Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in terms of product branding.

Evidence-based Direct-To-Consumer Advertising

Pharmaceutical advertising was historically directed toward health care professionals and mainly communicated through medical journals. Rigorous research is needed to evaluate and determine the most effective format for communicating benefit and risk information to consumers. New standards for drug advertising to consumers should be grounded in data derived from this type of research.

Impact of PhRMA Code on Interactions with Physicians

The PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, which became effective in July 2002, affirms that a sales rep's primary function is to educate and inform doctors. In pursuit of this function, certain activities are supposed to be forbidden. However, there may be some differences among pharmaceutical companies regarding the interpretation of the Code and how it is applied in practice. Pharma Marketing News hosted a survey of its subscribers and visitors to the Pharma Marketing Network Web site about this issue.

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OpEd: Pushing the Envelope is Bad for DTC

If the trend [in ED drug advertising] continues, lawmakers-some of whom already are gunning for DTC-are sure to take notice. In my opinion, ED product marketers should declare a moratorium on this ad 'shoot out' before it is too late. It's not doing anything to prove the argument that DTC is educational and it certainly is not sending the right message to the FDA, which just recently issued new guidances applauding the benefits of DTC advertising.

Wither CME?

So who wants to go head-to-head with Viagra? The ultimate pharmaceutical mega-brand: a blockbuster drug, with a superbly executed global campaign, an urban legend. According to Blair Waite, Brand Manager, Global Marketing for Eli Lilly and Co., Viagra is now the world's 2nd most recognized brand name, after Coca Cola.

Maximizing the DTC Message: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Members Evaluate DTC Marketing

How are DTC activities integrated as key components throughout the marketing mix, including advertising, advocacy and public relations? What are the risks and rewards associated with launching a DTC campaign? How have top pharmaceutical marketers managed to address sensitive health issues and drive awareness and sales through DTC? Is every drug really a viable candidate for a Direct-to-Consumer campaign? These were some of the questions discussed during an evening seminar entitled DTC Sweeps: The Impact and Evolving Role of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing.

OpEd: The Future of Big Pharma

While at a recent conference, I was struck by the fact that most speakers-especially vendors-often were pretty critical of the industry. I hear there are too many silos, too much focus on short-term results, not invented here mentality, etc., etc. What a great idea it would be to get all these smart people together and write a book that looked ahead to where the pharma industry might be in five or ten years. Bring all these innovative ideas into it and describe the pharma company of 2010. Call it Healthy Pharma 2010!

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