Pharma Marketing News Vol. 10, No. 16: 27 October 2011

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue #16 (27 OCTOBER 2011) of Pharma Marketing News.

Vast Majority of Drug Ads in Leading Medical Journals Don’t Pass MDs’ Sniff Test!

A study led by Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers of 192 pharmaceutical advertisements (83 full unique advertisements) in biomedical journals found that only 18 percent (15) were compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, and over half failed to quantify serious risks including death.

Pharma TeleWeb e-Detailing

This article summarizes Eli Lilly's European experience using TeleWeb e-detailing, which combines a personal sales rep phone call with Web site surfing.

Most Credible Bad Ad Complaints are Submitted by Pharma

According to a Bad Ad Program 2010-2011 Year End Report just issued by the FDA, the program is a success despite the fact that ONLY 125 complaints were deemed worthy of

Pharma Spending on Internet, DTC, and Docs

How much money the pharmaceutical industry spends on Internet marketing, direct-to-consumer advertising, and physician detailing are always topics of interest and 2010 was no exception. 2010 was, however, a turning point in bringing more attention to payments made to physicians for speaking, consulting, and research.

Pharma Marketing News

Pharma Marketing News is the monthly e-newsletter of the Pharma Marketing Network ( It is packed with facts, opinions, and case studies based upon interviews with experts in the field of pharmaceutical marketing. Highlights of presentations from industry conferences, contact lists for experts consulted, and links to references help susbcribers keep up to date on best practices and network with their peers.

Adobe Connect for eDetailing: Making Physician Communications More Effective

This article focuses on Adobe Connect for eDetailing, a specific collaboration between Adobe and ConnectSolutions, a leading provider of private cloud deployments of web conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Finding the Consumer Within the Patient: Insights Into How Healthcare Decisions are Made

Self Care Catalysts' Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ on Diabetes is the only integrated patient-and consumer-centric report that explores how people suffering from an invisible condition such as diabetes actually circumnavigate their health condition, using the unique Self Care Health Decision Making Dynamics framework™. It is an example of what Grace Soyao, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc., a health research and strategy company, means by 'Finding the Consumer within the Patient.'

The Changing Pharma eDetailing Landscape

A conversation with Monique Levy, VP Research at Manhattan Research, about the changing pharma eDetailing landscape. Ms. Levy discusses how the online pharma promotion landscape has changed, and which types of programs garner the largest audience as well as how the rep relationship is evolving and the role of new technologies such as tablets.

Pharma Turns Up Heat to Unchill Off-Label “Free Speech”

The drug industry brings legal heat to the issue of off-label drug promotion.
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