Here Come the Pharma Wikipedians

The Pros and Cons of Pharma Employees Editing Wikipedia Articles. Should pharmaceutical companies appoint employees as Wikipedia 'spokespeople' to perform all edits to Wikipedia articles on behalf of the company?

Google’s New Drug Search Result Format: A “Knowledge Graph” that doesn’t include pharma!

Google launched a new drug search result format that includes data from the U.S. FDA, the National Library of Medicine, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among othersbut apparently not directly from pharmaceutical companies.

The Role of Social Media in Managing Chronic Diseases: Focus on Diabetes and Obesity

On the one hand, there's the physician who's looking for 'evidence' that diabetes is being managed. On the other hand is the patient argument that 'emotional support' is also a key benefit. One could argue that BOTH sides have merit.

Mobile Regulatory Fears: PhRMA Raises an Alarm

In a blog post provocatively titled 'An App for That, But For How Much Longer?', PhRMA's Kate Connors agreed with a Washington Times op-ed piece that suggested the FDA will soon require apps such as medication prescription renewal reminders and blood glucose level tracking functions to be regulated as medical devices. The op-ed author, Joel White, executive director of the Health IT Now Coalition, suggests that this effort would lead to increased costs as well as constraints on user access to these apps, which 'may cause developers to move on to other, less burdensome endeavors.' 'In the end, this could hinder the way that patients can actively improve their own care,' said Conners. Is this fear warranted? Are there apps that SHOULD be regulated by the FDA? Read this article and find out.

Lipitor Holds Key to DTC Ad Spending in 2012

As reported by Nielsen, direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising spending by the pharmaceutical industry was down by 1% compared to 2010. I did a little exercise to predict that DTC spending in 2012 will see a further 3% decrease compared to 2011 solely due to an expected drop in Lipitor advertising. Here's how I came up with that estimate.

Some Unregulated Physician Smartphone Apps May Be Buggy

Practically every pharmaceutical company has one or more apps. The ones I am interested in are apps designed to help doctors in their diagnosis of patients. Big among these are the

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 11, No. 3: 19 March 2012

Welcome to Volume 11, Issue #3 (19 MARCH 2012) of Pharma Marketing News.

Novo Nordisk Defends Choice of Paula Deen as Diabetes Spokesperson

Unless you are living under a rock on the Moon, you've probably heard that Novo Nordisk has teamed up with celebrity Southern-style chef Paula Deen as a paid spokesperson. Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk, answers questions about why her company teamed up with Deen as a diabetes spokesperson.

The Role of Social Media in Managaing Chronic Diseases

The Role of Social Media in Managaing Chronic Diseases Focus on Diabetes and ObesityIn an "Open letter to NPR about Diabetes Social Media piece,"...

Mobile Optimization Offers Better ROI Than Mobile Apps: Best Practices for Beefing Up Pharma...

Although more U.S. consumers are accessing health information via smartphones, developing health apps may not offer pharma a good return on investment. A better option would be to optimize web sites for mobile. This article reviews PEW's health app data and presents data and best practices from Google that supports this this conclusion.
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