Pharma Industry News Update: 10 January 2017

Life Sciences Commercial Data Insights 2016
Whitepaper: Patient-Centric Profitability
Re: Deceptive Drug Ads, Whose Opinion Does FDA Value More – HCPs or Consumers?

The FDA plans to do two new studies supposedly to gauge the “ability of consumers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to independently identify deceptive prescription drug promotion” (see the Federal Register Notice here).

A closer examination of the proposal, however, suggests that the real goal is to promote the Agency’s BadAd program and open it up to consumers.

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PharmaGuy’s Social Media Compendium

A Comprehensive History & Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Social Media Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Pharmaguy’s Social Media Compendium is a collection of article, blog post, podcast, and survey summaries and full articles, all documenting the use of social media by the pharmaceutical industry from 2005 through 2016.

Through this compendium you are able to relive the fascinating history of the pharmaceutical industry’s social media trials & tribulations and even some triumphs!
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Featured Survey Direct-to-Consumer Off-Label Drug Promotion Survey
Direct-to-Consumer Off-Label Drug Promotion SurveyThis survey solicits your opinion possible FDA future decisions regarding off-label drug promotion to patient and consumer audiences. CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Novartis Heart Partner Mobile App Aids Heart Failure Care Coordination

Heart Partner® makes it easy to track daily vitals, store key health information, and coordinate care and activities with others. It’s one app that offers two unique experiences based on whether you are living with heart failure or are part of a Caregiver Support Team.

This newest version of Heart Partner supports the Walgreens Balance Rewards points program. Now Caregiver Support Team members and their loved ones can help earn points toward the patient’s account simply by tracking vitals such as weight, blood pressure, and activity.

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Pfizer Shuns “Next Shiny Thing” When Developing Mobile Health Apps

Pfizer currently has 15 apps in the US iOS app store, ranging from a chapstick companion app to an app for people with kidney cancer. At the HIMSS Connected Health Summit in National Harbor, Maryland, Pfizer executives talked about two of the company’s apps and their broader strategy for developing mobile health interventions.

“We recognize that the data shows patients expect meaningful digital solutions from us, and it is our obligation to deliver that,” Judy Sewards, vice president of data and digital innovations, said. “When we think about it at Pfizer, we’re not thinking about what’s the next shiny thing, or what’s the next widget or what everyone else is doing, but looking through the lens of our patients as people.”

For instance, Pfizer’s app for smoking cessation, called Quitter’s Circle, was developed in partnership with the American Lung Association. Dennis Hancock, Pfizer VP of global commercial solutions, said all the features of that app were driven by insights into the quitting process.

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