Pharma Industry News Update: 12 January 2017

Pharmaguy’s Mobile & Disruptive Digital Technology Compendium

Mobile, mHealth Apps, IoT and Beyond!

Pharmaguy’s Mobile & Disruptive Digital Technology Compendium is a collection of original articles, blog posts, podcasts, surveys, and curated content about the pharmaceutical industry’s adoption and use of mobile and disruptive technologies for commercial purposes.

Table of Contents (partial):

  • What Types of Health Info Do Mobile Users Seek?
  • Forget Mobile-Enabled Web – You Need an App for That And Video!
  • Checking Under the Hood of Pharma Mobile Apps
  • Apple’s Move to Tighten Health App Rules
  • Novartis Heart Partner Mobile App
  • A Rare Rx Drug Branded Mobile App for Patients
  • Pfizer Shuns “Next Shiny Thing” When Developing Mobile Health Apps
  • A Call for Pharma to Develop Mobile Health “Guiding Principles”
  • Mount Sinai Platform Curates Digital Health Apps
  • The Sorry State of Pharma Mobile Health Apps
  • Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps
  • Can Pharma “Triage” All the Digital Innovation Ideas It Receives?
  • Wearables, Ingestibles, Implantables
  • The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises & Barriers
  • Growth of the Internet of Things – Infographic
  • The Opportunities & Obstacles for Pharma’s Use of IoT

Updated 11 January 2017

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IoT Offers Benefits to Pharma from Clinical Trials to Manufacturing to Marketing & Patient Support

The pharmaceutical industry is now moving from a blockbuster era to a technology-assisted patient experience. The application of Internet of Things (IoT) in the pharmaceutical industry will be the next phase of growth for pharma companies. The Internet of Things in the pharmaceutical industry offers some benefits:

  • Better patient experience: Enables more patient involvement, provides the best quality medicines at lower costs, and increases the affordability of medicines.
  • Improved decision making: the data communicated by censors are processed, stored and analyzed for better understanding and improved decision making for physicians and pharmaceutical companies.


But is it safe?

Pharma already on board with IoT:

Featured Survey Direct-to-Consumer Off-Label Drug Promotion Survey
Direct-to-Consumer Off-Label Drug Promotion SurveyThis survey solicits your opinion possible FDA future decisions regarding off-label drug promotion to patient and consumer audiences. CLICK HERE to take the survey.

GSK and MIT Team Up to Test Flumoji – an Android App That May Provide RWE in Clinical Trials

Flumoji is your health wizard. Tell it how you feel and it will magically learn how to help protect you from Flu and other ailments.

This MIT study is designed to help increase awareness of the spread of flu and flu-like symptoms and educate you on how to reduce the risk of — and help prevent — flu infection. Your data along with other users of the app could potentially improve overall health outcomes in the general population.

“Real-time tracking of seasonal flu outbreaks is key,” says GSK on Facebook. “However, researchers have yet to find a tracking mechanism that’s fast and reliable enough to support testing of potential #flu treatments in clinical trials.”


Further Reading:

Patient Reported Outcomes Can Predict & Curb Non-Adherence

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are proving to be a great source for insights on patient needs and thus potentially reveal effective solutions to curbing non-persistence with medication.

Defined as any data coming directly from patients about how they feel or function in relation to a health condition or its treatment – with no clinician interpretation to remove the patient “voice,” PROs could help health organizations better optimize their ability to deliver high quality care to each individual who needs it.