02/14/2017Pharma Industry News Update: 14 February 2017

Novartis Named Digital Pharma Company of the Year

From www.mmm-online.com

In 2014, Novartis was the first winner of the PM Society Digital Pharma Company of the Year Award. It is still going strong leading the way.

The following articles are a sample of what Novartis has been doing recently in the digital realm.

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Novartis Vivinda TV Offers Some Docs – Not U.S. Docs – Digital Access to Medical Conferences

From www.fiercepharma.com

Vivinda TV is a virtual conference platform created to deliver on-demand medical content. Novartis most recently aired the full unedited content from the European Cancer Congress held in Amsterdam last month using Vivinda TV. And the platform has worked so well that Novartis is ramping it up, hopefully to be available to U.S. physicians as well.

CEO Joe Jiminez said during Novartis’ latest quarterly financial earnings call, “Instead of bringing physicians to congresses the old way, we’re now bringing the congress to the physician, and we’re doing that through a device, a vehicle, that we call Vivinda TV. We’re finding that we can exponentially increase the number of physicians that we can bring this medical information to at a fraction of the cost.”

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Novartis & Propeller Health Sign “Connected Inhaler” Deal

From www.pmlive.com

Novartis has signed its second ‘connected inhaler’ research pact in just over a year, this time agreeing a European tie-up with Propeller Health.

It adds to the pharma firm’s 2016 deal with Qualcomm to develop a new, connected version of its inhaler for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Novartis Heart Partner Mobile App Aids Heart Failure Care Coordination

From itunes.apple.com

Heart Partner™ makes it easy to track daily vitals, store key health information, and coordinate care and activities with others. It’s one app that offers two unique experiences based on whether you’re living with heart failure or are part of a Caregiver Support Team.

This newest version of Heart Partner supports the Walgreens Balance® Rewards points program. Now Caregiver Support Team members and their loved ones can help earn points toward the patient’s account simply by tracking vitals such as weight, blood pressure, and activity.

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Will More Pharma Marketers Copy Novartis and Use Facebook Live to Tell Patient Stories?

Marketers are taking to Facebook Live en masse, but can live social video work as a marketing tool for pharma? Yes, experts say—and it might be easier than expected.

The recent Novartis Facebook Live chat with Queen Latifah about heart disease (read Novartis, Queen Latifah, & American Heart Association Team Up on Facebook Live Broadcast) is a good example.

The risks, which pharma companies tend to fall back on when it comes to new forms of media, are more about being live than the use of video.

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