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Pharma Sis, Mylan CEO, Hits Her EpiPen Marketing Target: Moms! Price Gouging Followed

Shkreli’s shenanigans earned him the moniker “pharma bro,” but the “bro” in the Mylan case is no bro: She’s ‘pharma sis’ Heather Bresch, now the company’s CEO. The “textbook” marketing plan she hit on expanded the “find” target – one of the three goals of any pharmaceutical company – reaching for parents of children with allergies. The “what-if” fears of parents are a rich vein to tap, one that clearly has proved immensely valuable to Mylan.

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FDA declines to scrutinize claims by “low risk” mhealth apps, devices. What’s the takeaway?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued final guidance on “low-risk” digital health apps and devices for general health management 18 months after it came out with draft guidance.

The document offers information on the kinds of apps and devices for which it will and won’t take action. Apps promoting or maintaining a healthy weight or to assist with weight loss goals and healthy eating are OK.

Does this mean the FTC will step up?
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The ADHD #Pharma | Psychiatrist | Celebrity | Patient Industrial Complex

ADHD Nation: Children, Doctors, Big Pharma, and the Making of an American Epidemic focuses on an unholy alliance between drugmakers, academic psychiatrists, policy makers and celebrity shills like Glenn Beck that author Schwarz brands the “A.D.H.D. industrial complex.” The insidious genius of this alliance, he points out, was selling the disorder rather than the drugs, in the guise of promoting A.D.H.D. “awareness.” By bankrolling studies, cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with psychopharmacologists at prestigious universities like Harvard and laundering its marketing messages through trusted agencies like the World Health Organization, the pharmaceutical industry created what Schwarz aptly terms “a self-affirming circle of science, one that quashed all dissent.”

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Is SnapChat (or Instagram) the Next Big Thing In Marketing to HCPs?

With the ability to reach billions of followers around the world each day, businesses are using social media to promote specials, attract followers, and expand the reach of their product. Right now, the up and coming new social media platform is Snapchat.

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