Pharma Industry News Update: 1 November 2016

Bayer’s Betaseron Facebook Ad Uses a New Feature: Scrolling ISI

Bayer’s Facebook ad campaign for multiple sclerosis drug Betaseron and its Betaconnect injector launched this month with several firsts. It’s not only Bayer’s first Facebook ad, but it’s also the first time Facebook has enabled a scrolling ISI inside a pharma ad.

The Betaconnect Facebook campaign is using Lead Ads, which allows users to click to sign up for more information without leaving the site and with the ability to input the person’s Facebook account data, such as name and email address, into the form.
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A Call for the Resurrection of George Merck – a Pharma CEO Who Put Patients Before Profits

Rich Meyer says, “When I see the salaries of pharma CEOs and health insurance executives I am often troubled and confused. How could a health insurance CEO take home tens of millions of dollars in compensation when they raise rates for customers? How can a pharma CEO take home so much money knowing that there are some patients who can’t afford their medications?

“A new breed of pharma CEO is needed.”

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Meanwhile, Merck has rewritten its founder’s words. For more on that, read “Merck in the Mirror: Profits, Not People, Come First. Shame!

Technology Will Save Healthcare, But Who Will Successfully Implement the Needed Changes? Pharma or Tech Companies?

It is a fact that healthcare is unsustainable. American health spending will reach nearly $5 trillion, or 20 percent of gross domestic product by 2021. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a worldwide shortage of around 4.3 million physicians, nurses, and allied health workers. So how could we change it?

The most likely solution is technology. But where are pharmaceutical and medical companies in this story? Shouldn’t they ensure the smooth advancement towards the paradigm-shift from offline to digital healthcare?
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Can Pharma “Triage” All the Digital Innovation Ideas Coming Through Its Doors?

Pharmaceutical executives are flooded with digital health opportunities: Many startups and established companies are coming to drug firms with a range of innovations, from mobile health solutions to smart pills. Executives and leaders at these firms are having trouble triaging these innovations to determine which ones will meet key organizational, business and health goals.

Overall, the digital health innovation picture in Big Pharma is a lot brighter than the headlines would have you believe. But, there’s clearly a lot more work to be done.
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