Pharma Industry News Update: 29 November 2016

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By 2018, Social Media and App Marketing Will Be Preferred Pharma-to-Physician Communications Channels

According to an annual report by Indegene, the way pharma reaches doctors is changing. In 2016 in the U.S., brand promotional emails, healthcare provider portals and key opinion leader webinars are the top three ways pharma companies reach out. However, by 2018, KOL webinars, social media and mobile apps will top the list, with social media and mobile apps growing the fastest, by 50% and 27%, respectively.

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The Opportunities & Obstacles for Pharma’s Use of the Internet of Things

In recent years, we have seen an increasing use of IoT in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Pill-shaped microcameras – “chip in a pill”, a special ingestible pill – have been developed to traverse the human digestive tract, capturing the health status, as well as drug effects on key organs, and transmit the data to a wearable device. This data is then sent as a report over cloud to health care personnel (HCP) for diagnosis. The information obtained can enable HCPs to prescribe personalized medicines that will improve drug efficacy considerably and reduce treatment period.

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Industry Pundits Think Trump is Good for Pharma Advertising & Marketing. Duh!

Donald Trump’s surprise presidential win has many industry executives taking a wait-and-see approach, including those in advertising. However, pharma company advertisers may not have as much to be wary about, according to industry executives interviewed by FiercePharma.

One key reason is the ongoing steady flow of FDA drug approvals, which means pharma companies will need to market and advertise at a similarly steady pace to get the word out about new drugs and indications.
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Believe It or Not, Instagram is One of the Most Effective Pharma Marketing Tools Around

The tired “a picture paints a thousand words” maxim is never more relevant when it comes to expressing this human side, simply because images appeal to emotions when words either fail, or take longer, to hit the mark. Yet deciding to use visuals is only the beginning when it comes to marketing, and from that point you can either master the art or fall flat on your face in a spectacular way.

Fortunately the Instagram story feature does all the hard work for you, so the only input needed is simply to upload the pics or a short video. From there, the ‘story’ will be posted on your page and – more importantly – on the news feeds of your users.
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