The Evolving Pharma-Physician Relationship New Power Players & New Technology Force Changes

Dorothy Wetzel and John Mack

Dorothy Wetzel, the Founding Partner and Chief Extrovert at extrovertic, offers her top 3 takeaways about what pharma marketers should be doing differently in the future based on presentations made at the PharmaMarketing Summit 2012 in Chicago.

In addition, John Mack summarized the presentation made by Dr. Frank Spinelli, a physician currently in private practice and formerly the Clinical Director of HIV Services at New York’s Cabrini Medical Center.

The common thread throughout is the evolving nature of the pharma-physician relationship, which is being transformed by the power of patients and payers, particularly aided and abetted by new emerging technologies.

Topics include:

  • The New Power Players
  • Engage or be seen as indifferent
  • Pharma’s Social Media Journey
  • Despite FDA Inaction, We Know What to Do
  • Prepare for the “unexpected inevitable”
  • Emerging Technologies and the Future of the Pharma/HCP Relationship
  • Impact of PhRMA Code
  • Technologies That Can Facilitate the Pharma-HCP Relationship
  • Social Media Opportunities
  • The Digital Care Kit: Prescriptions Include Apps
  • So What About the Pharma Sales Rep?

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Issue: Vol. 11, No. 5
May 31, 2012
Word Count: 3145

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