Get Social, #GetFit and Get Healthy How GE Healthcare Uses Social Media & Gaming to Promote and Motivate Healthy Lifestyles
A conversation with Ángel González, Founder & CEO, Ideagoras, and Verónica Botet, Global Manager, Digital and Social Media, GE Healthcare. The discussion focuses on the #GetFit initiative, a worldwide competition and social media campaign designed to raise public awareness about cancer prevention.


#GetFit Game Screen

GE Healthcare launched #GetFit, a global competition, on multiple social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo – to raise public awareness about cancer prevention. Over a period of six weeks, the campaign encouraged people from all over the world to share their own health and fitness activities and what they are doing to help reduce their likelihood of developing cancer, a leading cause of death.

“Prevention and active participation in our own better health are the first steps in improving health outcomes,” said John Dineen, President and CEO, GE Healthcare. “Leveraging the power of gaming and social networks to encourage lifestyles that can help prevent cancer isn’t just a good idea — it’s part of our original healthymagination commitment to bring actionable health content to consumers and our employees.”

By tracking progress against specific health challenges or by posting comments about healthier lifestyles (eg. cycling to work, eliminating smoking, eating a healthy meal), individuals and teams in countries throughout the world competed against one another while accumulating “healthy” points and badges. #GetFit ambassadors — real, inspiring people who have committed to healthy living and/or individuals who have made strides in the fight against cancer — cheered players on and shared their personal stories. Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Why is GE Healthcare using gaming and social media for a cancer prevention awareness campaign?
  • What is the goal?
  • What are you measuring to determine if you have reached your goal?
  • What products does GE Healthcare market that might benefit from a disease awareness campaign?
  • Is there any evidence that SM and competition gets better results than more traditional campaigns?
  • What are some of the challenges to launching a global online campaign — Languages, regulations?
  • How do you deal with special challenges in some countries with tight control over social media such as China?
  • How has GE Healthcare prepared internally to manage social media campaigns?
  • Does it have guidelines or a “playbook?”
  • Do you envision a day when GE Healthcare migt use social media and gaming to promote branded products?

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Issue: Vol. 12, No. 4.1: 17 April 2013

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