The Comeback of CME without Pharma More Physician Participants, More Revenue, But Less Pharma Support
Trend in Pharma Support of CMEAlthough the pharmaceutical industry still contributes slightly over $1 billion to support continuing medical education (CME) via grants, advertising, and exhibits, total pharma support continues to decrease.

This article summarizes some of the key trends in CME in the U.S., including the level of commercial support provided by the pharmaceutical industry, how this support is divided among different categories of CME providers, and what percentage of physicians receive CME credits via the Internet.

Topics include:

  • Commercial Support of CME
  • Figure: Sources of CME Revenue
  • Figure: Physician and Nonphysician Participants in Online CME
  • More Physician Participants

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Issue: Vol. 12, No. 6: 31 July 2013

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