Measuring Physician Interaction with Pharma Brands Medikly’s Physician Value Index is a New Tool for Optimizing Marketing Performance
PV IndexWith more than $60 billion being spent annually on marketing and communications to healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical marketers need to reinvent how they allocate, optimize, and justify spend through real-time, data-based insights and intelligence.

Medikly, an innovative provider of physician engagement solutions, proposes a new model for measuring digital marketing effectiveness: the Physician Value Index or PV Index™, which integrates four key aspects of how a physician interacts with a pharmaceutical brand: (1) presence, (2) participation, (3) influence and (4) sentiment.

Using the PV Index, pharmaceutical marketers can now incorporate a new capability model of measuring marketing performance and its contribution to driving business value.

Venkat Gullapalli, MD and Mark Goldstone, Co-CEOs of Medikly, spoke on the Pharma marketing Talk show about PV Index. This article summarizes that discussion.

Topics include:

  • The Digital Analytics Challenge
  • Physician Value Index
  • Presence, Participation, Influence and Sentiment
  • Integrated Data vs. Big Data
  • A Blomberg Terminal for Pharma Marketing

Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 12, No. 9: December 2013

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