Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps Pharma Must Listen, Respond, and Optimize!
WEGO Health Mobile BSAs with Web sites in the early days of digital, it is difficult today for users of mobile health (mHealth) apps to be assured that the apps are reliable, accurate, based on valid information, and adequately safeguard users’ privacy. In many ways, we are living through another digital “wild west” without any sheriffs to protect us.

Sooner or later Congress, perhaps urged on by patient advocates or some mhealth app adverse event, may investigate the mobile health app industry—including the drug industry—to see if further oversight, not just FDA regulations, is required. Before that happens and to ensure that mobile health apps developed by pharma are of the highest quality, the industry should differentiate itself from “wild west” developers by being pro-active in developing and abiding by a set of “Guiding Principles for Mobile Health Apps.”

“This is one area where pharma could really rack up the karma points,” said Fabio Gratton, CEO of Vocalize. “Listen, respond, and optimize!”

Topics include (partial list):

  • Deja mHealth Vu
  • Inaccurate Mobile Health Apps
  • Beyond Regulation
  • Brave New World of Pharma Mobile Big Data
  • Industry Insiders’ POV
  • The Patient POV

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Issue: Vol. 13, No. 7: August 2014

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