The Year 2014 in Images Pharmaguy’s Favorites from Pharma Marketing Blog
2014 in ImagesEvery year Pharmaguy reviews the images that appeared in Pharma Marketing Blog and picks his favorites. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

In this article, Pharmaguy presents the images with context and comments, plus links, should you care to delve deeper. This is not a strict chronological presentation, but a grouping by topics of importance in 2014: DTC and drug promotion spending, drug risks and adverse events, drug industry reputation, FDA and social media regulatory guidelines, mobile apps, and drug development costs.

Topics include (partial list):

  • Hot New Viagra DTC Ad Campaign
  • Analysis of Promotional Budgets
  • Drug Risks and Adverse Events
  • Putting Profit and/or Patients First
  • Social Media Guidance from FDA
  • Mobile App Guidelines for Pharma
  • Sky High Drug Prices

Download the full article (PDF file) here:

Issue: Vol. 14, No. 1: January 2015

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