Limiting Sales Rep Access to Physicians Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?
Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians. According to ZS — a consultancy that provides research on physician access — only 44% of physicians were considered accessible by pharma sales reps in 2016, compared to 47% in 2015, 51% in 2014, 55% in 2013 and 65% in 2012.

Why are more and more physicians limiting access to drug company sales reps?

There are many reasons, including alternate sources of information about drugs, concerns about receiving biased information, lack of time for a face-to-face interactions, etc.

A major concern — especially of academic medical centers — is the overprescribing of expensive brandname drugs when there are equally effective, cheaper generics available.

This article documents these concerns about the risks of sales reps as well as the benefits to physicians.

Contents (partial list):

  • #Pharma Sales Reps: Declined & Denied!
  • Restricting #Pharma Sales Rep Access to Docs Cuts Down Branded Drug Rx’s
  • Allowing Pharma Sales Reps to Discuss Off- Label Drug Use Would Make Them More Helpful, Says KevinMD
  • Novartis Must Reveal Details of 79,200 “Sham” Physician Speaker Events
  • Chicago Ordinance to Require Pharma Sales Reps to be Licensed “May Be Helpful, But Has Limitations”
  • GSK’s “Ethical” Sales Model: Is It a #Pharma Oxymoron?

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Issue: Vol. 16, No. 2: May 2017

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