Balancing Idealistic vs. Realistic CRM Processes


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions promise an “ideal” customer relationship process via instantaneous sharing of detailed customer information across multiple business functions. However, the ideal CRM solution is not always feasible and CRM has often been singled out as an organizational investment that has over-promised and under-delivered benefits to its practitioners. The best CRM approach is to balance the realistic needs and capabilities with the idealistic goals of the future. There are several companies within the pharmaceutical business that have successfully implemented CRM programs that are already paying dividends at both the core of the enterprise and out in the field.

This article is a summary of a panel discussion at CBI’s 6th Forum on Customer Relationship Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry, held in New York City, October 17-18, 2003. The panel was chaired by Michael C. Lengel, Partner at Peppers and Rogers Group, and included Sharon Reffett, Director of Customer Systems and Administration at Allergan, John Vaeth, Director, CRM Capability Development at Biogen, and Wendy Jackson, President, Direct Marketing at Publicis.

The panelists discussed how their respective companies were coming to terms balancing realistic results and idealistic objectives from CRM deployments.

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Issue: Vol. 2, No. 10: November 2003