e-Marketing at the Point of Care
Vol. 2, No. 4: April 2003


Pharmaceutical marketing strategies are evolving more rapidly than any other time in history. The traditional detail-based marketing model is being challenged by physicians’ ever-growing time pressures and lack of time for sales reps. Additionally, more and more physicians are online seeking medical information and their adoption of point-of-care decision support tools like electronic prescribing, is definitely on the upswing.

Given these challenges, most pharmaceutical companies are committing some level of marketing resources to e-promotion, including e-detailing and e-CME initiatives. Even more potent technologies like point-of-care electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) and related integrated drug reference tools are on the verge of becoming the most powerful marketing tools, since these technologies allow marketers to reach physicians when it matters most: when they are making the prescribing decision.

Momentum behind e-prescribing adoption is accelerating, through the successes of vendors like Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (www.allscripts.com, Libertyville, IL) with its TouchWorks Rx+ system now used by more than 3,000 physicians and ScriptRx, Inc (www.scriptrx.com, West Palm Beach, FL) with their hospital emergency department CPOE systems used by more than 2,500 ER physicians and other personnel.

Topics covered:

  • Why e-Prescribing?
  • Who Is Using Point-of-Care Tools?
  • Point-of-Care Marketing Strategies

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