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HIPAA for Drug and Device Companies
April 28 – 29 2003 * Sheraton Rittenhouse Square Hotel Philadelphia

Implementing Practical Tools, Tactics and Procedures for Meeting the Compliance Requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s Privacy Ruling

Depending on the circumstances, drug and device companies can fall under the category of “Covered Entity”, “Business Associate”, or may not fall into either category. However, with many Covered Entities refusing to conduct business unless their partners are HIPAA compliant, drug and device companies have no alternative but to meet the Act’s requirements for business relations to continue.

The practical implementation of mechanisms that meet the HIPAA Privacy Ruling’s compliance requirements is an enormous undertaking. HIPAA has far-reaching implications, impacting not only the clinical research but also the commercial operations of drug and device companies.

The objective of this two-day symposium is to propose tools and strategies, along with their implementation procedures, to ensure drug and device companies achieve HIPAA compliance in the business functions impacted by the Act.

Working in a highly interactive format with experienced symposium leaders in HIPAA as it pertains to drug and device companies, delegates are expected to learn the practicalities of implementing compliance mechanisms.

The following perspectives are addressed: drug and device companies as Covered Entities, Business Associates, and their compliance obligations as neither a Covered Entity nor a Business Associate.

The purpose is to help delegates ensure that their HIPAA privacy infrastructure in place.

HIPAA has such an extensive and hard-hitting impact across the entire business operations of drugs and device companies. Therefore, take full advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with your industry colleagues to share and explore solutions to the same concerns and challenges you are all now facing with HIPAA.

To REGISTER, visit the conference Web site at www.iirusa.com/hipaapharma/.

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