Congress Fiddles While Reimportation Issue Burns Several drug re-importation bills are currently being considered in Congress
Two Senate bills, the Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act of 2004 (S.2328) and the Safe IMPORT Act of 2004 (S.2493), are likely to meet head-to-head in conference committee. While neither may make it out alive in this session of Congress, the issue of re-importation, however, is not likely to go away.

This article offers a useful comparison of the provisions of these bills and illustrates where the lines on the policy debate are being drawn.

Topic headings:

  • The Senate Contenders
  • Comparing Provisions
  • Pharma’s Position
  • Table: Drug Importation Bills in Congress
  • Chart: Pharmaceutical Expenditures as Percent of Total health Expenditure (Canada v.s US)

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 8: September 2004
Word Count: 900

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